Regulation(EU) 2016 / 425
Product StandardEN 149:2001 + A1:2009
Product DescriptionParticle Filtering Half Mask
Product SpecificationsFoldable, Without Valve
CertificationsISO 9001:2015 - ISO 13485:2016 - CE
Intended UseThis Product is designed to protect against solid and non-volatile liquid particles.

DNA FFP2-0502 │Penetration of Material

Penetration Of Filter MaterialSoduim Cloride (%)Parrafin Oil (%)
As recieved3.94.2
As recieved4.24.5
As recieved4.24.4
After the Simulated wearing treatment4.24.4
After the Simulated wearing treatment4.14.6
After the Simulated wearing treatment4.24.5
Mechanical strength and tempure conditioning5.75.2
Mechanical strength and tempure conditioning5.55.8
Mechanical strength and tempure conditioning5.35.5

DNA FFP2-0502 │ Breathing Resistance

Breathing Resistance (mbar)Inhalation 30L/minInhalation 95L/min
As recieved0.62.2
As recieved0.62.2
As recieved0.52.3
After temperature conditioning0.52.3
After temperature conditioning0.62.3
After temperature conditioning0.52.2
After the Simulated wearing treatment0.52.3
After the Simulated wearing treatment0.62.3
After the Simulated wearing treatment0.62.3
Breathing Resistance (mbar)Facing Directly AheadFacing Directly UpwardsFacing Directly DownwardsLaying on The Left SideLaying on The Right Side
As recieved2.
As recieved2.
As recieved2.
After temperature conditioning2.
After temperature conditioning2.
After temperature conditioning2.
After the Simulated wearing treatment2.
After the Simulated wearing treatment2.
After the Simulated wearing treatment2.


DNA Masks are produced without using allergenic materials
Outer LayerPolypropylene Spunpond60gr/m2
Filter Layer 1Polypropylene Meltblown20gr/m2
Filter Layer 2Polypropylene Meltblown20gr/m2
Inner LayerPolypropylene Spunpond30gr/m2
EarloopPolyester - 16cm
Nose ClipAluminum - 9cm

Product Dimensions

Weight1 pcs. 5.8 grams
Folded Mask Dimensions10.5 x 15.5 cm
Elastic Band Dimensions16 cm

Packaging and Storage

Box Content6 pcs. Masks
Carton Content 125 boxes (750 Pcs.)
Shelf Life3 Years
Storage ConditionsHumidity Level: < %60
Storage ConditionsHeat Level: (-20°C) - (40°C)

Carton Dimensions

Box Weight47 gram
Box Dimensions12.7 x 12.7 x 4.75 cm
Carton Weight6.3 Kg
Carton Dimensions60 x 57 x 40 cm

Our products have CE and ISO Certificates.

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